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  Working Mothers

  Carefully conducted researches that have followed the children of working mothers have not been able to show any long-term problems,compared with children whose mothers stayed at home. My personal (1) _______ is that mothers should be allowed to work if they wish. Whether we like it or not ,there are a (2) _______ of mothers who just have to work.. There are those who have invested such a big part of their lives in establishing a career that they cannot (3) _______ see it lost. Then there are many who must work out of pure economic (4) _______. Many mothers are not (5) _______ out to be full-time parents. After a few months at home with a much loved infant ,they feel trapped and isolated.

  There are a number of options when it (6) _______ to choosing childcare. These range from child minders and nannies through to Granny or the kind lady (7) _______ the street. (8) _______, however ,many parents don't have any choice; they have to accept anything they can get. Be prepared! No (9) _______ how good the childcare may be ,some children are going to protest wildly if they are left. This is a (10) _______ normal stage of child development. Babies separate well in the first six months,but soon after that they start to get a crush on Mum and close family (11) _______ . Make sure that in the first week you allow (12) _______ time to help your child settle in.

  All children are different. Some are independent ,while others are more (13) _______ to their mothers. Remember that if you want to(14) _______ the best for your children ,it's not the quantity of time you spend with them,it's the (15) _______ that matters.


  conduct /kən'dʌkt / v. 实施,实行 isolate / 'aisəleit/ v. 使隔离,使孤立

  invest / in'vest / v. 投资 option / 'ɔpʃən / n. 选项,选择

  establish / i'stæbliʃ / v. 建立 nanny / 'næni /n. 保姆

  economic /,i:kə'nɔmik/ adj. 经济上的 protest / prə'test / v. 抗议

  infant / 'infənt/ n. 婴儿,幼儿 crush / krʌʃ / n: 迷恋

  trap / træp / v. 使陷入困境,使受限制 quantity /'kwɔntiti/ n. 数量


  1. range from ...to...: 从……变动到……,在……范围内变化

  2. ... babies separate well in the first six months:……婴儿刚出生的前六个月对与母亲分开没有感觉……

  3. ... to help your child settle in:……帮助你的孩子安稳下来……


  1. A) view B) idea C) thought D) decision

  2. A) percentage B) group C) number D) proportion

  3. A) afford B) decide C) hope D) expect

  4. A) reason B) duty C) necessity D) task

  5. A) made B) cut C) brought D) born

  6. A) refers B) concerns C) turns D) comes

  7. A) of B) opposite C) across D) next to

  8. A) In addition B) In fact C) In reality D) In contrast

  9. A) way B) matter C) surprise D) exceptionwww.ExamW.CoM

  10. A) perfectly B) extremely C) very D) certainly

  11. A) people B) adults C) members D) grown-ups

  12. A) little B) no C) lots D) plenty of

  13. A) used B) attached C) keen D) fond

  14. A) make B) give C) have D) do

  15. A) quality B) attitude C) behavior D) manner


  1. A 此处阐明作者的观点,只有view 能代表对某方面的"见解"或"观点",其他选项只是单 纯的"想想、法"或是"决定", 不合题意。

  2. C a number of 是固定搭配,修饰可数名词,表示数量上"很多"。

  3. A can't afford to do sth.为惯用语,表示"负担不起……"。

  4. C 此题四个选项在语法上都能与前面的 out of 搭配,out of reason 意为"无理的,不合理的" ,out of duty 与 out of task 意思是"出于责任,任务的",out of necessity "有必要,出于.…...的必要,综合分析只有C选项填入此空较为合理。

  5. B 固定搭配 be cut out for/be cut out to do sth. 意为"适合于,天生就是做某事的料" ,make out"理解,辨认出;亲热" ,bring out"使显出;出版;生产",只有 B 选项符合文意。

  6. D it comes to sth. 为惯用说法,在这里意思是"涉及",整句说的是"当涉及儿童托管时,有许多方式可供选择",refer to 意为"指……而言"。

  7. C across the street 意为"街对面",其他选项的词搭配不当,故选 C。 外语学习网

  8. C 此处讨论在现实状况下,很多父母根本没有选择的余地。"在现实状况下"就是 in reality ,此题容易误选 B ,in fact 意为"事实上,实际上",常常表示经过推论得出的结果,放在此处其实也不算错,但是完形填空不是让我们选出正确的答案,而是选出最合适的选项,故此题选 C。

  9. B no matter +疑问词,表示"无论……",此句意为"不管你选的托管方式有多好,一些孩子被留下时,都会激烈抗议"。

  10. A perfectly normal 为惯用说法,意思是"完全正常的",其他选项虽说在语法上与逻辑上也不错,但 perfectly 更好些。

  11. C family members"家庭成员",其他选项均不适合,C 为正确答案。

  12. D 首先从逻辑上排除 A 和 B 选项,一定是留给孩子足够"多"的时间。C 选项 lots 后面若能加上介词 of 则构成修饰可数名字的短语,lots of"许多的",原文中被修饰词 time 是不可数名词,只有 D 选项 plenty of 可以修饰不可数名词,表示"大量的"。

  13. B 四个选项中除了 fond 与 of 搭配,意为"喜欢"之外,其他的选项都可与 to 搭配,be used to sth./doing"习惯于(做)某事",be attached to"依附于,依恋于" ,be keen to do sth. "急切, 渴望",此处孩子要"依恋于"母亲,因此 B 选项正确。

  14. D 此处意为"为你的孩子做到最好",一般用 do one' s best for ,而不用 make one' s best ,若想用 give,则是 give one' s best to,因此只有 D 选项符合要求。

  15. A 上半句的 quantity 已经对此题的答案做出了暗示,一定是"质量" quality 与"数量" quantity 相对。


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