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  UN’s 'Call to Action' to Help Poor Countries Tackle Swine Flu(猪流感)

  Major U.N. and international aid agencies are launching a Call to Action to help poor countries prepare for and protect people from the H1N1 swine flu.

  The World Health Organization is warning countries to prepare for further spread of the H1N1 influenza pandemic in coming months. However, aid agencies say it will be more difficult to fight the disease in poorer countries, which have weak health systems, poor health status and limited resources.

  World Health Organization spokesman, Paul Garwood, says this Call to Action aims to reduce the impact of H1N1 by offering a range of measures applicable to all countries.

  Garwood says, in countries where humanitarian crises have struck in the past, there are systems in place to respond to crises, such as a pandemic.

  "We see in Zimbabwe, as a result of the cholera outbreak, the cholera command and control center was established, which eventually helped bring the cholera outbreak under control," he said. "Now, in Zimbabwe that same system is being used to respond to the H1N1 outbreaks, or cases that have been reported there."

  The Call to Action document has been signed by WHO, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the U.N. Organization for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance and the U.N. Children's Fund.

  Red Cross Senior Officer for Public Health and Emergencies, Tammam Aloudat says, without the support of these and numerous other partner agencies, it will not be possible to tackle the pandemic. In addition, he says, it is critical to empower individuals and communities to protect themselves.

  "This is a point that we would like to emphasize many times," said Aloudat. "People have the power to protect themselves and to change the effect of the influenza on them and their families. And, that is what we are going for."

  The aid agencies say several steps are key to reducing the impact of the pandemic. These include identifying populations at increased risk of disease and death, reducing death by treating acute respiratory illness and pneumonia, and reducing the spread of the disease by informing the public about simple protective measures

  1.In Paragraph 2, WHO implied

  A.The H1N1 influenza will continue to spread.

  B.The flu will be eradicated.

  C.Rich countries should pay special attention to fighting the disease.

  D.Poorer countries will have nothing to do, but watch the disease to spread



  2.According to Garwood, the purpose of this Call to Action is

  A.to ask the rich countries to donate money.

  B.to urge people in poor counties not to eat pork.

  C.to offer a range of measures applicable to all countries to reduce the impact of the flu.

  D.to set up perfect health systems in all countries and eradicate any possibility of the comeback of the disease



  3.Zimbabwe is a country which

  A.has never had a humanitarian crisis.

  B.was struck by cholera and successfully brought the disease under control.

  C.doesn’t have a system to respond to any pandemic.

  D.reported the most cases of H1N1 influenza



  4.Which agency has NOT signed the Call to Action document


  B.The U.N. Organization for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance.

  C.The U.N. Children's Fund.

  D.The U.N. Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization



  5.Which of the followings is NOT a key step to reduce the impact of the pandemic

  A.Identifying populations at increased risk of disease and death.

  B.Reducing death by treating acute respiratory illness and pneumonia.

  C.Informing the public about simple protective measures.

  D.Sending every single patient who is infected to hospital for the best treatment




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