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  1. High in the sky a __ of birds was flying southward.

  A. swarm

  B. flock

  C. crowd

  D. herd

  2. American people are highly , and therefore may find it difficult to become deeply involved with others.

  A .moving

  B. mobile

  C. motional

  D. movable

  3. You'll have to buy some new shoes as these are __

  A. used up

  B. wasted away

  C. broken down

  D. worn out

  4. Will all those __ the proposal raise their hands?

  A. in relation to

  B. in excess of

  C. in contrast to

  D. in favor of

  5. The hotel __ only $50 for a double room in the slack season.

  A. claims

  B. prices

  C. charges

  D. demands

  6. In arithmetic the rules of addition are basic, and all the other rules are built on this .

  A. basis

  B. base

  C. bases

  D. basic

  7.He is among those lucky students who have won to first rate university-





  8.Children never want to go to bed at the proper time.They always want to late.

  A.take up

  B.stand up

  C.stay up

  D.set up

  9.People try to avoid public transportation delays by using their cars,and this creates further problems.

  A.after all

  B.in turn

  C.in case

  D.in time

  10.The mechanic examined the car engine but could find nothing wrong with it-






  1. 【答案】B



  【详细解答】a flock of意为“一群(鸟,羊等)”,为正确答案。a swarm of,a crowd of,a herd of分别意为“一群(蜂、蚁、蝗虫等)”,“一群(人等)”,“一群(牛、鹿、象等)”。

  2. 【答案】B



  【词义辨析】mobile流动的;经常搬迁的,没有定处的:Jews used to be mobile nation. 犹太人曾是个四处流浪,居无定所的民族。A. moving正在运动着的:a moving car正在行驶的车子。C. motional运动的。D. movable可移动的:movable properties动产。

  3. 【答案】D



  【词组辨析】wear out(把)穿破;(把)用坏:I have worn out my overall. 我把工作服穿破了。A. use up 用尽:His money was used up. 他的钱花光了。B. waste away消瘦:He is wasting away from disease. 他病得消瘦了。C. break down打破;坍塌;(健康精神)垮下来。

  4. 【答案】D



  【词组辨析】in favor of 赞同;有利于:in favor of one's suggestions赞同某人的建议;The situation is in favor of us. 情形对我们有利。A. in relation to 关于涉及:I have a lot to say in relation to that affair. 关于那件事我有许多话要说。B. inexcess of 超过:a population in excession of 1. 2 billion 12亿以上的人口。C. in contrast to 与…形成对照:In contrast to northerners people in the south prefer to rice与北方人不同,南方人更喜欢米饭。

  5. 【答案】C



  【词义辨析】charge索价:How much do you charge for these eggs? 这些鸡蛋怎么卖? A. claim要求;需要;强调作为自己应有的权利去要求得到应得的东西。Did you claim on the insurance after your car accident? 你的车出事后,有没有要求保险金。用在此处,不符合句意。B. price定价,常用于被动语态,不与for搭配使用。The clothes are priced high in this shop. 这家商店的衣服标价很高。D. demand要求;需要,一般不能与金钱搭配使用。He demanded an immediate answer from me. 他要求我立即答复。

  6. 【答案】A



  【词义辨析】basis基础,较为抽象,常用于on the basis of 结构中,表示“…为基础”。B. base基地,为具体名词:industrial base工业基地。C. bases为basis和base的复数形式。因为题干中有“on this”,所以只能用单数形式,而不能用base。D. basic基础的,基本的,是形容词。

  7. 【答案】D



  【词义辨析】admission(入会,入学,入场)许可:Free admission. 免票入场。admission常与介词to搭配使用。A. permission允许,同意,一般用于give sb. permission to do sth. 允许某人做某事,不能与表示机构的词搭配使用。B. admittance承认;C. profession职业;D. 表示入学只能用admission to a school,此为固定搭配。

  8. 【答案】C




  9. 【答案】B

  【译文】为了避免交通耽搁人们自己开车, 而这又产生了另外的问题。


  【词义辨析】after all毕竟;in turn 依次;in case 万一, 如果;in time及时, 只有B符合题意。

  10. 【答案】C



  【词义辨析】thoroughly彻底地:clean the house thoroughly彻底地打扫房子。A. throughout遍及,贯穿:throughout the country贯穿整个国家。throughout是介词,不能修饰动词。B. exactly准确地,确切地:He arrived home very late, 11:00 p. m. exactly. 他到家很晚,确切地说晚上11点才到家。D. altogether总共:There're 37 students altogether in our class. 我们班总共有37名学生。

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