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  11. She was a simple, __ and hard-working woman.

  A. practicable

  B. favorable

  C. feasible

  D. practical

  12. It is __ practice to bring a present to the hostess when one is invited to dinner.

  A. general

  B. usual

  C. ordinary

  D. common

  13. Mother hopes her son will __ doing anything rash.

  A. keep from

  B. avoid from

  C. ask from

  D. protect from

  14. The Johnsons __ the house before they decided to buy it.

  A. looked out

  B. looked over

  C. looked after

  D. looked on

  15. It was a long time before the cut on my hand __ completely.

  A. healed

  B. recovered

  C. improved

  D. cured

  16. They remained full of hope and determination __ their repeated failures.

  A. instead of

  B. in search of

  C. because of

  D. in spite of

  17. I mistook you your brother.

  A. for

  B. as

  C. to be

  D. by

  18. to secret document is denied to all but few.

  A. Access

  B. Approach

  C. Contact

  D. Touch

  19. On Christmas Eve, we had several guests, who were . friends of our daughter.

  A. almost

  B. mostly

  C. most

  D. nearly

  20. He has to make a living by himself because he doesn't have parents to __

  A. keep on

  B. depend with

  C. rely on

  D. go to


  11. 【答案】D



  【词义辨析】practical讲求实际的;实践的:practical method讲求实际的方法。practical指在日常生活中能运用常识、知识、方法等,着重于行动,而非思想或想象。A. practicable可行的、行得通的,不能用来修饰人:a practicable plan可行性方案。B. favorable有利的:This decision is favorable to us. 决议对我们有利。C. feasible可行的,用法同practical : a feasible scheme可行的计划。

  12. 【答案】D



  【词义辨析】common共同的,共有的,强调“大家都这么做”:It’s our common concern. 这是我们共同关心的问题,common practice表示“惯例、常规”。A. general普遍的;大多数人的:This sugar is a general favorite. 这种糖大多数人都很喜欢。B. usual通常的;习惯的:As usual, he gets up at 6:30 a. m. 像往常一样,他六点半起床。C. ordinary平凡的;平常的:ordinary people普通百姓。此题是说被邀请到别人家吃晚饭应该给女主人带件礼物,这种做法已形成惯例,所有的人都遵守,所以用“common”比“general”更合适。

  13. 【答案】A




  结构中。ask也为及物动词,没有ask from这样的词组。D. protect虽然能与from搭配使用,但一般用于protect…from结构中,表示“保卫……,使不受……伤害”。A. keep from阻止;抑制:keep from talking like that不要那样讲话。

  14. 【答案】B



  【词义辨析】look out意思是“当心”或“向外看”,通常作不及物动词词组使用;look over是及物动词词组,意为“检查,浏览,查看”;look after照料,照看;look on旁观


  15. 【答案】A



  【词义辨析】heal跌打、烫伤的治愈;伤口的愈合:The wound has been healed. 创伤已经治好了。B. recover恢复,一般用人做主语。如:He recovered his eyesight after the operation. 手术后他恢复了视力。C. improve改善;提高:improve working conditions改善工作条件。D. cure治愈,主要指内部得病的治愈,不用来指伤口的愈合:cure sb. of his stomachache治愈某人的胃病。

  16. 【答案】D



  【词义辨析】instead of表示“代替,充当”,后接名词,代词,动名词;in search of寻找,寻求,后接名词,代词,动名词;in spite of表示“尽管,不顾”,引出让步状语;because of因为,由于,后接名词,代词,动名词。

  17. 【答案】A



  【详细解答】mistake A for B是一个固定词组,意思是将A错认作B。

  18. 【答案】A



  【词义辨析】access接近……的权利/途径,后常跟to:Every student has access to the library. 每个学生都有权利用图书馆。B. approach靠近;途径:a scientific approach to teaching科学的教学方法。C. contact联系,一般与with连用:keep in contact with sb. 与某人保持联系。D. touch接触:keep in touch with sb. 与某人保持联系。

  19. 【答案】B



  【词义辨析】mostly大多数;主要地;用作状语:The representatives are mostly teachers at the meeting. 会上大多数代表是老师。A. almost几乎,差不多,用在此处不妥。不能说“差不多是朋友”。C. most大多数,通常用作主语或定语,不作状语:Most of us came to his birthday party. 我们大数人参加了他的生日晚会。D. nearly几乎,用法同almost。

  20. 【答案】C



  【词义辨析】keep on继续做某事;depend on依靠;depend with的搭配不对;C. rely on依靠;D. go to求助于,促成。

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